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February 11, 2008
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Windows Seven M1 Reloaded by pankaj981 Windows Seven M1 Reloaded by pankaj981
Hello friends!! This is the Windows Seven M1 Reloaded Pack, as a successor to my earlier started Windows 7M1 Inspirat ([link]) Visual Style.

Here in this pack I have added 3 visual sub styles - Black, Aero and Basic version.

I have changed the shellstyle as compared with my earlier released version ([link]).

I have also changed the styler skins from my earlier pack. Else everything is the same.

The menubar background isn't black for other windows, eg. while using Internet Explorer or Mozilla.

:pointr:This pack contains:

1) The Visual Style
2) The Styler Skins ( Black to be used with Black and Normal with others).
3) ViOrb
4) Aero Large Cursors

:new:UPDATE: Windows Seven M1 System Properties for XP: [link]
:new:UPDATE: Windows Seven Bootskin for XP:[link]

Though its not a part of my pack but I would recommend to use "ViStart True Aero 8" by fishy-fish [link] for a perfect working Vista Style Start Menu. It matches perfectly with this theme.

:pointr:NOTE: Using the above ViStart is totally optional.
You can download the "ViStart True Aero 8" from here: [link]

Please note that this VS is just a concept, derived as seen from the leaked screenshots of Windows Seven M1 Ultimate (Build 6519).

Hope you all like this...comments are most welcomed.
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:wow: Great work pankaj981, this is what I've been waiting for! :love: Can't wait to test it... Cool StylerToolbar skin and special thx for the "thinned" shellstyle (I hope it includes bitmaps for folders). :+fav:
Hey thanks!! I am a bit confused about that background folder thing...I am not sure whether its there or not...if not then I suppose updating this pack will increase the number of VS on DA, instead I will post the instructions to modify my shell by all can modify my shells and use them, I don't mind it at all!!
:thanks: for your reply. There are no background images, but nevertheless I planned to modify the shell myself. A while ago I did this job (using reshack to replace the bitmaps), I hope I will be successful again!
Thats can upload the modified shell style on this website...and give me the link so that I can put a download link on this deviation profile.
spuye Feb 11, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I like it. :)
yethzart Feb 11, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice Work! Keep up the good work..
:+fav: Thank u ..
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