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Windows Classic Addons by pankaj981 Windows Classic Addons by pankaj981
Hey friends, I was just messing up with my XP, when all of a sudden I thought to try my hand on using the default Windows Classic theme. When I started using it, I came to know that it works really very fast, my crap PC started working really very fast and efficiently!! But on the other hand, it looked a bit boring and awkward, its GUI really reminded me of Windows 98. So decided to make some changes in this interface, by actually using some 3rd party programs with it to make it a bit I made a matching Styler theme for it, also a slightly modified ViOrb skin that can actually align well with the Classic taskbar, and it actually did!! I also got some codes to Hide/Unhide the Windows Flag in the explorer.

So here my friends, I wanted to share with these addons that I have actually made for the Windows Classic Theme.

This pack contains:
- The Windows Classic Styler Skin.
- ViOrb, with 3 skins - Grey, Blue and Green.
- Registry files to Hide/Unhide Windows Flag (Totally Safe)

While using the Styler, disable the auto start of it, as when the OS reboots, it changes the default XP theme to Luna, O don't know whats the issue, but I think Styler was made as such.

NOTE: Please don't try to use ViOrb and TrueTransparency at the same time as both of them conflict in someway, resulting in a system crash...atleast it happened on my PC.

Anyways hope you like this...Please be free to comment!!
Niwradsoft Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2008
very very nice!
Rebd0mine Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2008
very nice
pankaj981 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2008
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February 13, 2008
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